2014 Canon AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year

2014 Canon AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year.

What. Did. I. Just. Write.

What the hell? That’s what I was thinking when my name was called out. I am still coming to terms with what happened that night. Thinking of something to write about it has had me stumped for almost two weeks now. So I thought I might give you a little background on each of the images in the winning set. Thanks again to the AIPP and to Canon.


Bride and Groom on Stage

I was lucky enough to be one of the first photographers to shoot weddings in the State Theatre, which is a pretty unique situation in Perth. This was the third wedding I had shot in the theatre so I had some experience with the difficult lighting scenario. The way the day unrolled we had the opportunity to shoot on the stage before guests arrived at the surprise wedding. I wanted to capture the grand nature of the theatre but not lose the couple in the darkness. The theatre is very dark and the stage lights were not pointing in favourable directions, so we hit them with some flash from behind to highlight them against the band in the background. The instruction I gave the couple was to think of three things they are grateful for in the other. Quite literally a staged shot 😛

Rock walking Groomsmen

I like to capture spontaneous action and movement in my weddings as I think it adds some interesting story telling elements and often results in compositions that you could have never thought of. This image is a result of just using what you have got (Sunny afternoon sky, rock groyne and adventurous characters) and simplifying a scene to have graphic impact. I just told the guys to go for a rock climb and followed them along, they just joked with each other the whole way so the energy was good too.

Couple under a freeway

This image developed from a number of visits and drive by’s of the location, each time refining the way I saw the lines converge and how the light fell. The structure dictated the composition I started to see. However it took me a few goes to get it right. During a consultation I just suggested it to a couple that were up for some adventure on their day and showed them what I had done there previously so it was a done deal. The way the composition fit with the couple I found worked on a couple different levels. Graphically and metaphorically, so people can take what they want from it and interpret it differently.

Wedding rain shot

Last September it rained almost every weekend and this wedding was no exception. We were at The Vines in the swan valley, confined to inside, when I started to think of a shot that was a bit adventurous. So I planted the seed early during the shoot and sent someone off to find an umbrella. The couple were excited at the opportunity to do something a little different so we went for it. This shot was done in under a minute as it was absolutely pouring.




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