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Anna + Jack’s East Fremantle Tennis Club Wedding


Anna + Jack’s East Fremantle Tennis Club Wedding in Perth, WA.

Anna and Jack’s Engagement: A Sunset Proposal at the Beach
It’s with great excitement that we announce our engagement! Jack proposed to me, Anna, in October 2020 while we were watching the sunset at one of our favourite beach spots down south. It was a beautiful and intimate moment that we will never forget.
As we plan our wedding, we’ve decided on an intimate garden ceremony with a big reception party to follow. We want our special day to be a celebration with our closest friends and family, and we’re so excited to have our daughter, Joy, be a part of the ceremony. We can’t wait to see her hit the dance floor with everyone!
We’re looking forward to creating memories that will last a lifetime and it’s a reminder that it’s our day and we should do it exactly how we want to.
Our top tips for planning your special day:
1. Remember that it’s your day, so do it exactly how you want to.
2. Don’t stress over the small things, enjoy the process and make the most of it.
3. Have fun and make sure to take a moment to enjoy the day with your partner.
4. Make sure to include the people that are important to you in the planning process.
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