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Perth, Western Australia

Wedding Photographer
of the Year, 2020

Hannah + Steve’s Old Customs House Wedding


Hannah + Steve’s Old Customs House Wedding in Fremantle, WA.

Feat. on: HELLO MAY

Quoted from HELLO MAY
A quote from Hannah, “I have known James for over 10 years. We worked together in a portrait studio many moons ago and following each other’s careers and progression was so humbling. We trusted him wholeheartedly in documenting us as our natural selves. His natural way of shooting and capturing the array of feels of a wedding day is reflective of his intuitive nature and depth of character. Having him present throughout the day was calming and reassuring. He is a mate first, then a photographer, and having him there as both was such a treat.”
Some advice from Hannah and Steve, “From Steve, defer uni, or get an extension for your assignment due the day before. Or you know, just get organized. LAWL…. But in all seriousness, to the best of your abilities, do what you need to do to be calm and present on the day. If you have anxieties about anything that’s in your control, sort it. Give yourself the space to be excited and lighthearted rather than nervous and stressed.”
Hannah sought out a space where she hadn’t photographed previously, since she is an absolute weapon of a photographer herself. Being on the other side of the lens felt different to her. Autonomy from her day-to-day work is what Hannah wanted and the Old Customs House provided the freedom by being a unique space. For Hannah, the venue itself is steeped in history, being the original Customs House of Fremantle. With Steve immigrating from South Africa 12 years ago, the subtle nod to Steve and his family’s migration did not go unnoticed. The space is also currently used as an exhibition space, with an artist’s residence operating on the second level. Knowing their hire fees were also directly funding the art space felt right to them.
Marriage for Hannah and Steve is, “Having each other’s back, ride or die throughout the highs and lows of life. To always try and keep the willingness alive.”