How it works

After you book in your wedding, we can either book a portrait shoot for you and/or catch up before your wedding for a Coffee/Beer/Wine/Water to customise a plan for your day. I can offer loads of helpful hints to help the day run smoothly.

After your wedding I’ll go through your images and edit them, then within 6-8 weeks from your wedding, post them online in a personal gallery that you can share with friends and family, buy prints and choose favourites for albums.

The gallery is up for one year and acts as cloud storage for that time in case anything should happen to the images. After the gallery is uploaded a short while later I will package up your USB that has a set of full resolution, watermark free, colour images and a full set of B&W images. The USB package is best collected from my studio as they often get lost or damaged in the post. (Your USB, the cloud storage plus my three copies makes five backups, but I still recommend making your own back ups too.)

Albums are awesome

If you are into the real thing and have ordered a printed album (Congrats! All your friends will wish they got one, and your future family will love it in years to come.) you will need to go through your images in your gallery and select your favourites. You will have your own login for your gallery, so everything you do is saved and you can come back to it where you left off. (It will be a hard choice that might take a few goes.) The fine art album that I offer comes with 50 pages which will fit 100 images, but can be super sized, so no need to put your favourites on a diet.