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Perth, Western Australia

Wedding Photographer
of the Year, 2020

Sian + Ben’s Maple & Rose House Wedding


Sian + Ben. Maple & Rose House Wedding in Mt Lawley, WA. Feat. in HELLO MAY.

Quoted from HELLO MAY
Funny stories that led up to the wedding from Sian, “Ben makes me laugh everyday so it’s hard to narrow it down! Firstly, our wedding evolved so much from when we first started planning it, we (well – I) initially started with the grand idea of hiring a warehouse space (the amazing Friday’s Studio in West Perth where we still went for photos), stylist, food trucks etc. etc. and it was getting bigger than Ben Hurr, on top of both working full-time, me studying a Masters part-time & Ben starting a small business. It just started getting really stressful even with the help of our amazing stylist. So, we were away for a long weekend in Dunsborough and had just had a huge day winery exploring (one of our favourite pastimes!) and after a few too many tastings I had a bit of a tipsy meltdown with the stress of my uni studies and planning the wedding. Ben just said “to be honest, I’m not really enjoying this wedding planning and don’t want a big wedding anyway so f**k it lets cancel it all and start again with something small!” it was a bit of a revelation for me! I stopped crying, started laughing and was like “actually, that’s a great idea!”.”
What marriage means for the couple, “Firstly, for me it means sticking to your vows – and Ben vowed to always go and collect the Uber eats from the delivery guy that we generally order when we’re hungover from too much wine the night before and I don’t want to step outside. So far, he’s sticking to his guns! In all honesty though, to me it simply means that I get to spend the rest of my life with the most gorgeous, intelligent, hilariously funny man by my side with each and every day’s adventure. I know we could do that even without being married, but it means that our wedding day was a day of just celebrating all of that with our nearest and dearest.”