What I do and what I love to do

What I do and what I love to do.

I love giving people the confidence to enjoy being photographed. When I shoot a wedding it’s not just about taking photos but collaborating with couples to produce a true story of them in an artistic and beautiful way, and also to help the day run smoothly. I love to shoot candidly and capture photojournalistic moments, and I can help bring out natural expressions, so even the directed images look totally natural. I enjoy creating scenes that have a relationship between people and the landscape.

My technique has developed from studying photojournalism and has been inspired by the engagement that is required with your subject. The need to tell a story is paramount and capturing all the photographic elements is the challenge I love. The fundamentals of a successful image are based on visual impact, how the graphical elements work in a composition, how the lighting enhances the composition, the information about the subject, and human emotion or mood. The thought of capturing iconic images excites me.