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Perth, Western Australia

Wedding Photographer
of the Year, 2020

Kate + Andrew’s Perth City Farm Wedding


Kate + Andrew’s Perth City Farm Wedding in East Perth, WA.

Feat. on: HELLO MAY

Quoted from HELLO MAY
We wanted something simple, fun and outdoors that was a blank canvas for us to make our own.  Andrew’s parents live across the road from the Farmers market which was handy and I had recently shot a wedding there that I really enjoyed. I wanted to elope in South Africa with my family the week before so we wanted somewhere convenient and close by for setup and guests but we thankfully moved those plans to have another ceremony a few months after. Also being such short notice for City Farm we somehow picked one of the only Saturdays they had free in the summer so thought that was a sign.”
“We didn’t really have a theme, we just wanted something outdoors and a big party that everyone could relax and have fun with little formalities, structure, or any formal wedding vibes. Judging by the sore heads and feet the next morning I think we got there.”
“Marriage is us adventuring through life and navigating the world together until one of us kicks the bucket. Someone to adventure with, and do life together with. A lot of people say it feels no different being married but I can already feel it has brought us closer to knowing this is forever.”