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Bridget + Cal’s Moana Hall Wedding


Bridget + Cal’s Moana Hall Wedding in Perth, WA.

Bridget and Cal were thrilled to announce their engagement! They got engaged on May 8, 2021, in a last-minute Yallingup Air BnB. The couple had planned to be in Byron Bay for a holiday but due to Covid, they had to change their plans. Despite the unexpected change, the proposal was still perfect and they were excited to start planning their big day.
When it came to the style and theme of their wedding, Bridget and Cal chose a “perfectly imperfect luxury” theme. They wanted to create a long-lunch experience surrounded by calla lilies, which they loved for their wild beauty. The couple wanted the setting to be an old, crumbling building that had a luxurious feel to it.
The couple was most looking forward to the ceremony, where they would declare their love out loud and have that inimitable moment together. It was the moment they’d been waiting for and they couldn’t wait to share it with their closest friends and family.
For those planning their own Moana Hall Wedding, Bridget and Cal had some tips to share. First, they advised to start booking as early as possible. This would give plenty of time to find the perfect vendors and secure the date. Second, they recommended taking others’ opinions and requests with a grain of salt. It was their day and they should create the day they truly wanted. Third, they advised to keep it simple. Remember what really mattered and not to get caught up in the small details.

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