Break The Rules
Wedding Photographer
Perth, Western Australia

Wedding Photographer
of the Year, 2020

Rach + Nath’s Lamont’s Bishops House Wedding


Rach + Nath’s Lamont’s Bishops House Wedding in Perth, WA.

Dear James and Liv,
We are utterly thankful, and grateful to you both, for being such an important part of our day. The experience of being photographed by you, was enough to make us feel so great but then you gave us the images…!
You wrapped colour, light, contrast and shape around how we feel for each other, turned our emotions into art, and gave us tangible memories that inspire us daily to continue to be this connected.
These images are grounding, romantic, joyful, quiet, contemplative, explosive, bursting, heartfelt, intimate, and honest.  You saw us, you saw our people, you saw our story, you saw our connection and you have reflected it back to us in 810 perfect moments (1620 counting the ethereal black and white beauties!!)
Our time with you felt like a collaboration, a partnership. We were so safe with you to be completely ourselves. You gave us a context in which we could explore how that could look and feel. Being photographed by you, on our wedding day, was an integral part of the deep connection and excitement we felt on the day. The photography wasn’t a separate piece, something to tack on to the other things going on, but a beautiful, intimate and profoundly lovely experience, that wove through the entire day and enhanced each moment.
We felt totally present- all day. It didn’t rush by as so many couples report. Time felt like it ceased to exist. We attribute this to the fact that we weren’t trying to grab hold of the moments, we weren’t thinking about what comes next. We could let each moment pass, because we had such certainty that you were there, seeing, capturing and intuitively documenting the things that mattered. So we breezed through our day, being completely free, open and honest in all our expressions and emotions, filtering nothing. So when we look at these moments, these beautiful photographs, we feel just like we did on our wedding day! And what an incredible gift that is!
Wedding photography for us was never about trends, being insta-worthy, pinterestable. While your work is all of these things and more because it is so incredibly masterful and beautiful- we chose you, because we knew that you would care enough about us, and our relationship, to give us the best representation of it.
You have a perfect mix of experience, expertise and empathy, to allow authentic connection, expression and connection to unfold and be captured in a way that can only be described as exceptional in their communication and quality.
We can’t thank you enough.
Rach + Nath
Cheers to

Photographer James Simmons

Videographer Till Death

Celebrant Nick Gwynn

Dress Christina Sfez

MUA Mecca

Hair Maurice Meade

Venue Lamont’s Bishops House, Como The Treasury

Florist Terra & Luna Creative

Catering Lamont’s Bishops House