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Sandie + Daniel’s Rebel Rebel Chapel Wedding


Sandie + Daniel’s Rebel Rebel Chapel Wedding in Perth, WA.

Happy 10 year anniversary to Sandie and Daniel! It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed since the couple got engaged in beautiful Ibiza, Spain. And it’s even harder to believe that it’s been that long since they tied the knot in not one, but two stunning weddings.
First, they exchanged vows in the city of love, Paris, where they were living at the time. And then, they had a second ceremony back home with a beach wedding followed by a church wedding. Now, ten years later, they’re even happier and ready to celebrate their milestone anniversary.
When it comes to the style and theme of their wedding day, Sandie and Daniel have chosen to keep it all very random. They wanted to incorporate elements that are meaningful to them and their relationship, without conforming to any specific theme.
But what the couple is most looking forward to on their special day is sharing it with their close friends and family. After all, the people who have been there for them throughout their journey are the ones who will make the day even more special.
For those planning their own weddings, Sandie and Daniel’s top tip is to do what you want and not let anyone convince you to change your mind. It’s your special day and you should make it exactly how you envision it. Cheers to a happy and healthy marriage for many more years to come!