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Top 10 Things to get Rad–AF Wedding Photographs


‘Top 10’ is a massive click-bait flex — apologies. But go-on, it’ll we worth it. Here’s some Wedding Photography Tips & Tricks to get wicked-af photographs without sacrificing on a good time.

You’ll be hounded with ‘advice’ from all-sorts I’m sure. But here’s what I’m going to suggest. You do what YOU want. No following the Mother-In-Law’s tradition of all the Brides wearing the one Dress (with free Moth-Balls) dating back to the 1800’s.

Break. The. Rules.

It’s out mantra, a gentle (?!) reminder to ourselves & our clients to get the most out of this wicked-af celebration of YOU. It also mean YOU get the best images! Read on for some tricks on how to not be stressed cause it’s YOUR celebration.


Tricks of the Trade:
• I often take 45mins – 1.5Hrs at ea. Lovers preparation. We can customise this to suit, factors include where & what is going down before the ‘I-dos’.
• I’ll get in touch to know the exact ‘what & where’s’ so that we can finalise our timings.
• BEST TIP. Have Hair & MU finish at least 1Hr before having to leave for ‘I-dos’. You won’t be rushed & can take a moment to relax (& down a cheekie scotch or sparkling!).
• Don’t stress about me or the 2nd-Shooter, I’ll roam about to capture details & moments from afar. I’ll assist if required & keep a close eye on how our time is going.

Music is the best vibe-maker, so crank the tunes.


Tricks of the Trade:
• ‘Unplugged Ceremonies’. You want guests to be in-the-moment, so staring at the screen on Grandma Karen’s iPad.
• Don’t forget to look at each other(!). Hold hands if it’ll calm the nerves. Or, embrace the spotlight. Take a few looks at the guests, there’ll be stoked faces, some might even be shedding a few tears.
• Don’t rush. It’s taken a bit to get here. Kiss for as long as it pleases, don’t rush down the ailse & take it slow with the vows. (Same advice to the Bridesmaids, Groomsmaids, Bridesmen, Groomsmen etc.).
• Celebrate! Rock it down the aisle, high-five mates. Own it, the ‘hard’ bit is over.
• BONUS POINTS for tears & being SYMMETRICAL at the end of the aisle.

Grooms. Just stand & smile. You’ll be wonderful.


Tricks of the Trade:
• Give yourselves time (approx. 20 MINS) for hugs & kissed after the ‘I-dos’.
• This is where it’ll sink in. Grannie is sobbing, nieces & nephews are going wild & the dog has found a stick to chew on. Honest,.. it’s a REAL bit of the celebrations so embrace the interaction with guests.
• Emotions are high, so we get some wicked-af shots that are candid which often become the ‘favourite’ images.

Things to note. If the ‘CONGRATS’ cue is too long, just walk off & grab a drink then cut back in somewhere in the middle to start again.


Tricks of the Trade:
• These can get monotonous. Stand, look, smile. But these are also some of the most important images. Depending on the size of the tribe, we suggest 20 MINS for our Short & Sweet Fam Portraits:
1. Extended Fam — Parents, Siblings, Grandies, Uncles & Aunties, Cousins.
2. Immediate Fam — Parents & Siblings.
3. Grandies — JUST the Grandies.
4. Parents — JUST the Parents.
• Each fam is different. If there are other combinations, collate a list of the Fam Portraits & nominate a ‘Photo Captain / Photo Wrangler’, someone who knows the whole fam or is ex-SAS & doesn’t mind barking directions. Give this another 10 MINS.


This is about having a blast with the crew & a moment with each other.
• Bridal Crew — Best done on-site so the crew can rejoin the guests & not heckle during the ‘Couples Shots’. It’s a thing – imagine.
• First Look — CAN DO! We can shoot before the ‘I-dos’ so you can roll straight into your Reception. It’s still nice to sneak of for 15MINS at sunset for a few shots.
• Couples Shots — Have a go at it & get close. Laugh with each other, at each other & at yourself. Have fun with each (& with us!). It gets easier once couples let go & realise there is no need to fuss over the small things.

Things to note. Choose an outfit that allows for ease of movement (eg getting in & out of a chair!). You’d be surprised. Here’s one.

1. Drive-Time. Remember to incl. Drive-Time to off-site spot(s).
2. + Shoot-Time, 45 MINS (Just You)
3. + Shoot-Time, 60 MINS (Sml Bridal Crew of 8)
4. + Shoot-Time, 90 MINS (Lrg Bridal Crew of 8+, incl. You)
Extra Info:
• The wind can be a friend! It can make Hair, Dresses & Veils do some wicked things. Things don’t have to be perfect & ‘fanned’ out. We]ve done a few weddings, so we can help with the fussing.
• We like to shoot ‘natural expressions’. If something is happening ‘au naturale’, we’ll go quiet, & when shit gets a little awks, we’ll jump in with some gentle direction or conversation.
• When we’re scouting for a location, we will be look for interesting light & a clean background. eg NO signs, cars, strangers, etc.
• Timing can be location dependent but generally the best light on the West Coast is the Hr before sunset & the 15mins after. Ducking out from the Reception for a few images at this time is great if the main shoot was a little earlier in the day.
• If we are in the CBD or a dense forest, earlier in the afternoon can be better so the sun can bounce off the a wall or come through the trees a little.
• We shoot the whole time throughout the session, so when we are moving between locations hold hands, cuddle, get into each other’s grills & have a giggle.


Tricks of the Trade:
• Have fun. Plan the Reception YOU want.
• Lighting. Total vibe-killah or wonderful ambiance creator. Lighting in the venue like house lights don’t cut it. Having just a candle-lit dinner might be super romantic, but these won’t allow for much light, so we won’t be able to see much.
• Festoon Lighting can create a great effect, as can hanging installations.

Sometimes, just speaking with a specialist is worth its weight in gold too.


Tricks of the Trade:
• Not all lecterns are created equal. If you’re thinking of having one dedicated spot for speeches, make sure speakers & cables are neat & tucked out of sight. It’ll also need lighting so people can read their notes.
• Having a roaming microphone so people can speak from their seats is not a bad idea either, though the videographer might have their work cut out for them!


Tricks of the Trade:
• Dance! Do it. Even a little nervous side-to-side for a First-Dance looks killer in photographs. Then go nuts with the crew!

The best photographs from the night happen right here on the D-Floor.